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''Feathery'' Natural Looking Eyebrows

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If you want to strengthen your brow game without going overboard, the ''feathery'' eyebrow trend is something worth checking out. Though the shape is quite full, the overall effect is natural and perfectly imperfect.

The trick to a well-executed feathery brow is a light hand. To achieve this look, Kathleen Lights begins with an eyebrow pencil, but she takes care to apply the product sparingly and in short strokes to mimic natural eyebrow hair. She follows up with a good comb-through to blend away any harsh or dark lines. To keep the brows in place and add a little volume, she applies a small amount of tinted eyebrow gel, then a thin layer of clear eyebrow gel. The gel also emphasizes individual hairs more, which adds to the natural vibe of the look ...


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